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Divorce Attorney in Holbrook, Massachusetts

Divorce is never easy, even when both parties seem to agree on most of the issues at hand. We understand that these matters are emotional and legally complex.

It is a challenge for divorcing couples to deal with matters related to the division of their assets, custody of their children, and other important factors.

At The Law Office of Doug Surprenant, you can partner with a compassionate and experienced divorce lawyer to help you navigate your situation and negotiate a settlement that is fair and equitable. Our office in Holbrook, MA supports clients in both uncontested and contested divorce cases. Doug will support you both in and out of the courtroom with reliable counsel and strong representation.

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Divorce doesn’t have to end badly; we are here to help you get through the stress of today so that you can make sound long-term decisions. We’re also here to protect your rights and fight for your interests if necessary. Overall, our goal is to make the process as easy as possible for all involved parties and come to resolutions that make sense.

Attorney Doug Surprenant has experience in resolving the common sticking points in divorce and division of property: QDROs (Pension, 401k, IRA, and other retirement funds), personal property versus real property, long or short-term alimony, fair child support, distribution of debts, and determination of self-employed income, to name a few. In an uncontested divorce, Doug will help you find a fair middle ground that will be approved by a judge.

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With the help of an experienced divorce attorney, you can come to an equitable divorce agreement hopefully without the animosity that causes so much tension for the children.  You were friends once, you just got to get through this and hopefully, you can be friends again down the road. 

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